May 18, 2008

As I look back over the past six months, I am so grateful to you for all you have done and continue to do for my family.  When we first got Csilla, at seven weeks, I thought puppies needed to be fed, walked and possibly a class or two.  I knew about Sirius Puppy Training from a friend and when I called to enroll her for a class they said there wasn’t a class for her for another month.  I said, “But I need advice now”.  They said that there were two trainers who made house calls for consultations.  You, the PUPPY NANNY arrived the following Sunday for two hours and I was completely blown out about everything you said and your suggestions.  At that time I thought, let’s have her come only one or two more times.   Each time you came I learned how to care for and be a responsible dog owner.  I thought you were a walking encyclopedia about puppies/dogs. Having you come each week is the best thing we have done for Csilla and ourselves!  

I fell in love with this little puppy – I had no idea that I could feel this way about a dog! When you told us about the Puppy Social, I realized that I was afraid of dogs’ mouths.  Csilla became totally social and I learned to feed treats to other dogs. You taught me how to feel safe around a gathering of dogs!  The PUPPY I & PUPPY II classes are excellent and we all learned far more than I had expected.  For me, the “one on one” – you working with Csilla and teaching us individually how to train her has been the biggest difference.  You have the patience of a saint helping me to understand how to do certain things – Csilla walking without pulling; 99% re-call; playing with her and having fun!  When I now see ill mannered dogs at the park or in our neighborhood I don’t dislike the dogs – I dislike the owners and want them to understand how to be a great dog owner. I wish more people would take the time and consult with you about their dogs.  We have a puppy who is so well liked by children, family & friends because she is social and well mannered.  You have made such an impact on our being responsible, loving, understanding and respectful dog owners.

Please feel free to use this letter in any way you would like and if you ever need a personal referral I would be honored to give you one.

Thank you!

Kathleen Albert