The Puppy Nanny
For over seven years I have been on the training staff with SmartyPup! and spent two years on the training staff at Sirius Puppy Training in San Francisco. Prior to that, for more than five years, I was an assistant training instructor with Sirius apprenticing under Fawn Pierre and a volunteer in public training classes at the SFSPCA.   I also work with my friends at Bravo!Pup as a substitute instructor and teaching specialty classes.

continue to advance my animal training knowledge and skills. Over the years I have studied hands-on with world-renowned animal trainers such as Bob Bailey, Karen Pryor, Ian Dunbar and Kathy Sdao.  Jester is my newest addition and is an American Cocker Spaniel.  Check out his puppy pictures at Jester's page (still in progress) and his training progress here.   Thanks for stopping by The Puppy Nanny, now go fetch some more information!

and my little dog, too

Teacher's Pets: 
Harleigh (8.5 yrs) and Jester (5 mos)
A puppy cannot be bad ...
it can only be a puppy!
Welcome to The Puppy Nanny

With over fifteen years of puppy training experience, I specialize in private training consultations from pre-puppy selection assistance and puppy in-home setup to household manners and basic through advanced obedience training both on and off leash.  When not working with puppies, I am most passionate about working with small dogs that are shy or under socialized by building their confidence through conditioning and training, while coaching nervous owners on how best to handle difficult situations. Most importantly, I have a keen understanding that dog training isn’t just about the dog, and am able to communicate with and coach the human family, from adults to children, so they can better manage and train their dog as a household friend and companion. 
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